March 2020

New ‘Flexible’ Furniture for Upper Primary Students

This year, St Andrew’s students in Years 4 and 5 have been enjoying the benefits of new furniture in their classrooms, the aim of which is to support collaboration and flexibility of learning.

Commenting on how the new furniture promotes flexibility, student choice and collaboration, Year 4 teacher Mrs Moffat said, “The flexibility the new furniture provides for the structuring of my lessons has been an asset to my students’ learning. They collaborate in circles, and reason and problem solve on the white board tables. They discuss and plan on the lower table. They can make good choices for their learning by choosing desks with less distraction. The students’ enjoyment of this new space is evident.”

We also spoke to some Year 4 students who shared their opinions of their new furniture.

What do you like about the new furniture?

Cowen: The new furniture is more comfy and softer.

Majd: We can draw on the whiteboard tables. The chairs are lighter and we can move them more easily.

Nina: The old furniture wasn’t very comfortable and you couldn’t lean back in the old seats. You can push back in the new seats and relax in them more. If you want to meditate you can meditate and feel quite comfortable.

How does the new furniture help you work more effectively?

Cowen: The higher tables help because you can draw on them. You can use them for math, design, drawing and practicing when you want to do something.

Majd: In Maths, we write things on the whiteboard tables to help us figure out answers. We can also move the furniture around for group work.

Nina: Now we have tables that we can write on; we can use them for figuring stuff out in Maths. The higher tables are easier to work on.

What else do you like about the furniture?

Cowen: It’s more relaxing. The chairs before were more hard and now you can go back in them.

Majd: Sometimes when you’re working really hard you need to sit back for a second. With our old furniture we had to lean back really hard in the chairs and it would only go back a little bit and now you can easily lean back.

We look forward to Term 2 when the Year 3 students will also acquire new furniture in their learning spaces.


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Community Announcement: Open Day and Other Event Postponements

In light of the Government’s announcement this afternoon regarding the cancellation of non-essential public gatherings of more than 500 people to limit the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have made the precautionary decision to postpone the St Andrew’s 170th Anniversary Open Day on Sunday 15 March.

In addition, we will be postponing the Junior Primary Grandparents’ Day and Movie Night, both scheduled for Friday 3 April.

Whilst we are disappointed that these events will be postponed, it is our absolute priority to ensure the health and safety of all St Andrew’s School students and the surrounding community. We will set new dates for the Open Day, Junior Primary Grandparents’ Day and Movie Night, once the COVID-19 situation is safely contained.

We will continue to monitor the situation regarding school closures. The School will remain open and all usual co-curricular activities and out of school hours care will go ahead unless otherwise advised. In the meantime, please be assured that we are proactively considering processes and procedures to ensure that children remain connected to the School and their teachers, should a school closure be enforced.

As we have done throughout this situation, we will continually update the School community on the nature of public health advice around the COVID-19 outbreak via email, the School app, and our website.

Students and community members are encouraged to undertake normal personal hygiene measures such as making sure hands are regularly and thoroughly washed, disinfecting surfaces and sufficiently covering any coughing.

We also encourage all members of the St Andrew’s School community to avail themselves of the most up-to-date information and advice at the websites linked below.

Information for Schools and Early Childhood Centres


Australian Government COVID-19 Health Alerts


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