Year 2 Colouring-in Competition

A group of enterprising and socially conscious Year 2 St Andrew’s School students took it upon themselves to propose and run a Junior Primary colouring-in competition with the aim of raising money for charity. In the end, they decided to distribute the funds they raised to the School, Anglicare and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

We spoke with them about how they came up with the idea and how the project panned out.

How did you come up with the idea?

We wanted to do a competition about drawing and animals because we wanted to raise money for the School and charities like Anglicare and the World Wildlife Fund.

How did you go about running the competition?

First, we wrote a letter to Ms Wood explaining what we wanted to do. Then we thought about posters and we made a poster explaining the competition. We also went into classrooms to tell students about what we were doing.


We had to choose people to judge the drawings so we chose Mrs Puckridge because she’s an art teacher and we chose Ms Wood because she’s very fair.

How many entries did you get?

We had 64 entries from Junior Primary students. We had a lot of entries.

How did you present the prizes?

We handed out prizes at assembly and shook people’s hands. People who came third got Chuppa Chups; people who came second got a book and stationery; and people who won first prize got a mini fan, a Chuppa Chup, and a stationery pack.

How much money did you raise?

We raised $335 (two of the five students in the group pictured below with the jar containing the money they raised).

How did you feel after you successfully finished the competition?

We felt proud of ourselves for doing the competition even though we were nervous at the beginning.

Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning, Heather Wood, reflects on the students’ colouring-in competition…

I was very impressed by the boys’ ability to articulate what they wanted to do and how they would go about it. For some students, a proposal won’t progress beyond the initial letter and meeting with me when they realise there is actually quite a bit of organisation and work required to see through a project to the end. This is fine because taking the first step of putting forward a proposal is a significant milestone. But for this group of students, they translated their idea into action and followed it through to completion.

The boys had some important learnings along the way; for example, after getting their poster out they realised it was missing some important information and so they had to take steps to rectify this. The presentation of the prizes at the Junior Primary assembly was a wonderful culmination to a successful learning journey and we were very proud of the boys.

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