Year 1 and 2 Craft Competition

In September, Lucian Hamilton (2B) ran a craft competition for Year 1 and Year 2 students to raise money for St John’s Ambulance Service. At the end of Term 3, Lucian along with Ms Heather Wood, Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching judged the entries and awarded a winner for each year level.

The winners were announced at the end of term JP assembly.

Ethan Zhang 1B
Rafi Malik-Wauchope 2E

Year 1 winning entry submitted by Ethan Zhang 1B

Year 2 winning entry submitted by Rafi Malik-Wauchope 2E

Ethan was chosen by Lucian as he liked the shape of the jellyfish and it was made to stand up on its own. Rafi’s entry was selected as he had put in extra work to share information about the glass squid.

We chatted to Lucian about how he came up with the idea and how the competition worked out.

How did you come up with the idea?

I love crafting and making things from recyclable materials found around my home so I came up with the idea to have a crafting competition so others would do it too.

How did you go about running the competition?

I spoke to Ms Wood about having a competition in Term 1 and we started to organise it but then I couldn’t do it because of COVID-19. When I found out about the theme for Science Week, I thought that would be great for the competition.

I put lots of notes together and made a plan to give to Ms Wood about how I wanted to run the competition. I chose Years 1 and 2 so it was easier to run, and came up with some rules like it had to be made of recyclable materials and you had to do it yourself without lots of help from a grown up. Also, the projects had to be about the Science Week theme Deep Blue: Innovations for the Future of our Ocean. We put a note on SeeSaw to ask people to do it.

Why did you choose St John’s Ambulance Service as your charity?

In Term 1, I wanted to help the emergency services after the bushfires happened early this year. But then once COVID-19 happened I saw the doctors and the nurses on the TV and they looked like they needed help. Ms Wood made me a list of different charities to choose from and I chose St John’s Ambulance Service because they help the doctors with sick people.

I hope St John’s can use the money to buy more things and help people who are sick. Maybe they can use the money to buy a defibrillator to keep people alive.

How many entries did you get?

I had 34 entries from Year 1 and 7 entries from Year 2.

How much did you raise?

I raised $213 from entry fees and other donations.

How did you feel after you successfully finished the competition?

I feel proud that I did a good job and raised money for St John’s.

What did you learn from running the competition?

I learned that one idea can make a huge difference. I am making a difference to the Ambulance service and I’m helping people.

Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning, Heather Wood, reflects on Lucian’s craft competition and process…

Student Agency is a key component of the IB Primary Years Programme. Agency is the power to take meaningful and intentional action. Students at St Andrew’s are given opportunities to:

  • have voice, choice and ownership
  • influence and direct learning
  • contribute to and participate in the learning community

As Lucian has shown, young students are capable of making a significant, positive difference to the world through their actions.

Photos of other entries submitted and Lucian selecting the winners

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