Belonging is key to global citizenship

Harmony Day

St Andrew’s students wearing ‘a touch of orange’ to celebrate Harmony Week

Harmony Week’s theme of Everyone Belongs has been key to St Andrew’s success for 171 years. Belonging is a key value of our school and we have many ways of ensuring everyone is welcome here.

In the 21st century belonging is key to global citizenship and we continue to develop and evolve how we create an inclusive, harmonious community at our school. We use strategies both to include our community as well as highlighting the dispositions need to be welcoming to others.

This year for Harmony Week we are choosing to embrace the theme two ways. One, with a focus on the attitudes children require to enable everyone to belong, and two, the St Andrew’s Local Hero Awards, which will stretch across the year.

The Local Hero Awards are an opportunity for our children to vote for the peers in their class who always make others feel like they belong. Children have thought about and researched what helps make us feel like we belong. The data has then been used to create criteria and children are now voting for their St Andrew’s Local Hero! These children will be celebrated and held up as role models to other children.

Across the year we are working hard with our school community to celebrate diversity. We know that as global citizens we need great emotional and social intelligence, whilst also having an open mind and curiosity about our multicultural society. With that in mind, we are working with our families from diverse cultural backgrounds to expose children to a range of beliefs and values. We are finding through this work that children are making connections and discussing similarities and differences.

This work heightens and strengthens our commitment to idea of international mindedness that is key to the success of our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. Ensuring our children have the skills, knowledge and ability to consider many different perspectives ensures we are creating global citizens who will be committed to the assertion that “everyone belongs”.

Jackie Becher



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