The life-changing power of self-belief

Self-belief allows you to believe in your ability, consider yourself capable of success and, importantly, achieve your goals.

Like the children at St Andrew’s School, I had the honour of attending an independent school. To this day I stand in awe of my own teachers’ passions about their profession and the way they invested in all children within the school, not just their own classrooms.

My teachers’ passion was contagious, and with their support, encouragement and outstanding teaching, I grew and thrived in my school environment.  Not being overly mathematically inclined, I found I was provided with extra support when things challenged me beyond my ability to understand concepts, and I began to not only understand mathematics but even grew to enjoy it. This encouragement and support from my passionate teachers in turn grew my own self-belief.

I had been provided with experiences and opportunities to enable me to understand that self-belief also includes having a positive attitude, an enquiring mind and a healthy dose of persistence and dedication.

While my personal ‘eureka’ moment was many years ago, the self-belief it delivered has been a constant companion, to this day feeding my tenacity, igniting my curiosity, exposing me to new ideas and concepts and helping to shape who I am today.

Self-belief is also central to the St Andrew’s School ethos, where a passionate teaching and support team is committed to each and every child, cares for them deeply and has been known, on numerous occasions, to sacrifice a lot for them.

We want every child to believe in themselves, to feel valued, to have their achievements shared and celebrated, to enjoy the fruits of open, curious and questioning minds, and to be successful in their own right.

We also encourage a community spirit, where we all feel a strong sense of belonging and will happily play our part and contribute to the school community. A couple of recent examples are the regular St Andrew’s community podcasts and students coming forward with great design ideas for our new treehouse and playground.

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It’s particularly humbling when we see our children take this spirit into the outside world and become true, valued and selfless global citizens – and even more so when they never forget and remain proud of their school.

Self-belief plays a huge role!


Jackie Becher


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