Giving Day 2021

One day to triple your impact!

Imagine if every dollar you donate could have triple the impact on your child’s education…

On Thursday 11 March this will become a reality on St Andrew’s School’s very first Giving Day!

Thanks to the support of our generous ‘matching’ donors, every dollar we raise on our Giving Day will be tripled!

What are we raising money for?

65% of children entering primary school today will end up working a job that doesn’t yet exist. We plan to equip your child for future success through the construction of a cutting-edge facility that will enhance their primary school experience.

The Bright Futures Centre (working title) will be devoted to extending the School’s already outstanding Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs, offering children unique learning opportunities that will be difficult to replicate elsewhere.

And we need your help to build it.

You can contribute to future-proofing your child’s education by helping us complete construction of this amazing building, an advanced educational facility focused on meeting the challenges of the future head on.

But don’t our tuition fees cover capital projects like this?

Delivering a wonderful education to our students includes many costs beyond what you see in the classroom (e.g. infrastructure, technology, maintenance, catering facilities, transport, etc) – meaning that the tuition fees do not cover the entire cost of educating a student at St Andrew’s. This is because, as an independent school, we receive less Government funding than our public school counterparts. So, once our overheads are covered, there is a financial ‘gap’ we need to bridge if we wish to enhance our facilities or undertake new projects.

Some independent schools will bridge this gap through a compulsory capital levy included with annual tuition fees. However, many independent schools, including St Andrew’s (in addition to prudent financial management), rely upon the philanthropy of the school community. This is where our Giving Day comes in!

How can I get involved?

On Thursday 11 March we will be running our very first Giving Day. For one day only you can triple the impact of your tax-deductible donation through our online giving portal (the link will be shared once we go live).

This means that:

·      Your $100 donation will raise $300

·      Your $250 donation will raise $750

·      Your $500 donation will raise $1,500

·      Your $1000 donation will raise $3,000

·      Your $2000 donation will raise $6,000

·      Your $5000 donation will raise $15,000

All donations over $2 are tax deductible, and all donors will be provided with a tax receipt.

Want to supercharge your impact even further?

If you’d like to help the community leverage its impact even further by becoming a matching donor (donations of $10,000 and over), please contact Alice Turnbull on aturnbull@standrews.sa.edu.au or 8168 5555, prior to 10 March.

Matching donors can pledge a donation over a period of up to three years. A range of naming rights, as well as acknowledgement on the Giving Day website and in Giving Day communications, is also available to matching donors.

Still have questions?

We welcome your questions about Giving Day and fundraising at St Andrew’s. Contact Alice Turnbull on aturnbull@standrews.sa.edu.au.



  • St Andrew’s School is a South Australian independent, co-educational specialist primary school providing excellence in education from playgroup through to early years and on to Year 7. Principal Jackie Becher – an International Baccalaureate School – UNESCO Associated School.