Specialist curriculum


The experience of Music at St Andrew’s is dynamic and rewarding for our students as they engage in high quality musical experiences focusing both on enjoyment and excellence.

The musical development of children at St Andrew’s is led by an expert and musically accomplished faculty.

Performance opportunities include – Speech Night at the Adelaide Town Hall; St Andrew’s in Concert; Annual Bands Cabaret; An Evening with Strings; Vocal Cabaret; Year 4 Musical; Autumn and Spring Music Recitals; South Australian Band Championships; The Adelaide Eisteddfod; and services at St Peters Cathedral.

Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Centre was opened on Wednesday 22 September 2010. The centre is a superb venue providing students with updated and modern facilities in which to learn, play and enjoy their music. The facilities are state of the art and include Ensemble Rooms, Instrumental Teaching Rooms, Classrooms and Music Technology.

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Curriculum Music at St Andrew’s

Each St Andrew’s student participates in the classroom music program taught by specialist music staff.

Primary Years Program (PYP) Music

PYP Music features an inquiry-based curriculum focused on developing children’s understanding of beat, pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo and form through meaningful and fun games, songs and learning activities using percussion instruments and voices.

The Year Level Choirs are the second component of the PYP Classroom Music Program and provide an enjoyable ensemble experience through weekly participation in choral singing for all children from Reception to Year 5.

Year 6 & 7 Music

The music curriculum in Year 6 and 7 is approached through the inquiry process engaging students in topics designed to develop their appreciation, understanding and performance experience and include – Polyrhythms and Percussion; The Blues (Year 6); ‘5 & 7 Time’, ‘Studying a Baroque Concerto’, Celtic Music (Year 7).

Year 3 String Program

St Andrew’s offers an exceptional string program to all Year 3 students. Each student has the opportunity to learn a string instrument, choosing from violin, viola, cello or double bass. We uniquely offer individual tuition for one term, providing an excellent introduction to playing a string instrument.

String Program

The String Program at St Andrew’s School involves over 150 students. Each student learning a string instrument has the opportunity to be involved in one of our four String Orchestras.


In Year 5 at St Andrew’s students begin hands-on, specialist science focusing on chemistry, biology and physics. We aim to develop an understanding of the scientific method, and most importantly a love of science.

Examples of previous projects include creating mini remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) with the help of Mr Brenton Binder, an engineer with the Australian Submarine Corp. As part of the CSIRO ‘Engineers in Schools’ program, Mr Binder assisted for two hours a week in Science and Design and Technology sessions. St Andrew’s School have participated in the program twice with Subs in Schools by RIE, who helped with the supply of the kits.

St Andrew’s are now part of the STEM Professionals in Schools completed video series. View the video below to see St Andrew’s School in action.

Curriculum case study – St Andrew’s School from CSIRO on Vimeo.

The power of engagement from CSIRO on Vimeo.

Partnering to enhance STEM engagement from CSIRO on Vimeo.

Visual Arts

Arts are integral to the PYP and are embedded within the classroom and specialist visual art lessons. The visual arts are a powerful mode of communication for children to express themselves and explore and develop an understanding of the world using their senses in a variety of ways. Through a range of media and technologies the visual arts are immersed through units of inquiry and other structured inquiries in classroom and specialist lessons.

Through the strands of responding and creating, children have various opportunities to reflect, critique and respond to other artist’s work and explore personal beliefs, values, techniques and materials to design and create their own art works.

“Learning about and through the arts is fundamental to the development of the whole child, promoting creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills and social interactions.”

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(IB, Arts Scope and Sequence)

   DSCN6859   Y4 portrait  co curricula papier mache 4


Language –  Chinese

Chinese is offered at St Andrew’s School within the PYP and the Year 6 curriculum. Children from Reception to Year 7 inquire into the structure and function of the Chinese language.

Languages are taught and explored through structured and purposeful inquiry experiences. Where possible these languages are delivered through a transdisplinary approach through units of inquiry within year levels.

“Language provides a vehicle for inquiry. In an inquiry-based classroom, teachers and students enjoy using language, appreciating it both functionally and aesthetically.”

(IB Language Scope and Sequence)

“The learning process simultaneously involves learning language—as learners listen to and use language with others in their everyday lives; learning about language—as learners grow in their understanding of how language works; and learning through language—as learners use language as a tool to listen, think, discuss and reflect on information, ideas and issues.”

(Halliday 1980 in the IB Language Scope and Sequence)


Special PE Events / Activities

Cross Country Run

The Cross Country Run provides opportunities for students in Years 3 to 7 to compete over a 1600m course located along the River Torrens Linear Park. The course is run in two groups, Years 5 to 7 and Years 3 and 4.

Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival (Years 3 to 7) is held at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. Supporters are welcome – no entrance fee. Children may wear house coloured t-shirts. This is an event not to be missed.

Upper Primary Sports Day

Students in Years 3 to 7 participate in an Athletics based year level Sports Day held in Term 1, being track and field events in a tabloid style until lunch. A Sports Day Finale is held towards the end of term, usually until 2.00pm. Team House events, all track finals of all ages and 10-13 age group finals in Discus, Shot Put and High Jump only. Children may wear house coloured t-shirts and it is an event not to be missed.

Junior Primary Sports Day

Students from Reception to Year 2 participate in a tabloid style sports day in Term 4. The clear focus is for all children to demonstrate and further practice skills in a variety of different sports and to continue to develop team unity. The day culminates in class relay races followed by a picnic lunch and early dismissal.


  • St Andrew’s School is a South Australian independent, co-educational specialist primary school providing excellence in education from playgroup through to early years and on to Year 7. Principal Jackie Becher – an International Baccalaureate School – UNESCO Associated School.