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Good Food at St Andrew’s Right Bite

Good food is essential for good nutrition, healthy growth and optimal development. At St Andrew’s School we aim to provide a menu that complies with the South Australian Government ‘Right Bite’ program for promoting healthy choices in school canteens.

Details of the ‘Right Bite’ program may be found HERE.

therightbiteChildren attending the Early Learning Centre have lunch provided daily. A carefully designed menu is organised on a monthly basis. We encourage children to take part in the whole eating process, which includes an introduction to a wide variety of food and flavours!

St Andrew’s School is committed to the provision of nutritious and varied food for children, served in ways that meet children’s social, cultural and educational needs.

Ordering Your Child’s Lunch

Please use the Qkr! App when ordering and paying for items from the Tuck Shop menu.

Qkr (pronounced – Quicker) is a FREE app to enable mobile payments for school-based accounts to save parents time. No cash payments or ‘lunch bag’ orders will be accepted.

Qkr! accepts all major credit and debit cards accepted by the School and you can register more than one card within the app. The Qkr! app is now available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

For information on how to get started using the Qkr! App please click HERE.  You will be able to view the current Tuck Shop menu, and place your orders each day or week, through this App.

The Qkr! App only uses up to date technology for security purposes.  This means you need to ensure your mobile phone is kept up to date with the latest IOS or relevant software.

If you do not have a mobile phone / iPad you will need to order from your desktop through the Qkr! website.


Please note: Orders close at 9.00am and there is a restricted lunch menu for any orders placed after 9.00am and before 11.50am.

Upper Primary students may purchase (with coin) drinks and ice blocks at the UP canteen at lunch time.

In Junior Primary, lunch orders are delivered to the classroom.

In Upper Primary, lunch orders are collected by Tuck Shop Monitors.

Upper Primary children can purchase drinks and ice blocks at the Tuck Shop at lunch time.

There is a restricted lunch menu for any orders placed after 9.00am.

All menu items can be viewed via the Qkr! App.

Lunch Program

Lunch Program will commence on Wednesday, Week 1, Term 1 2021. The catering team will provide your child with lunch every day from the menu from Wednesday 27 January, through to Thursday 1 April. The menu includes many options that your child would have experienced when they were in the ELC.

If you wish for your child to participate in this program, please participate via Qkr. Limited places available. Please sign up from 12 January. Closing date Friday 22 January. The cost for your child to participate is $270. Please remember to update your child’s profile on the Qkr app.

*NB Public Holidays are excluded (Monday 8 March 2021).

For more information including the rotating menu for each week, please click here.

Nut Restricted Policy

St Andrew’s School has a nut restricted policy to protect our students with nut allergies. Parents are asked not to send nuts or foods containing nuts to school. There is no need to avoid foods that have ‘may contain traces of nuts’ on their label.

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