Educating young minds since 1850

In 1847, just twelve years after South Australia was proclaimed, the first families to settle in John Walker’s Village, now Walkerville, built St Andrew’s Church.

The forward-thinking, progressive and inspirational community of Walker’s Village soon scheduled their next project which was to build a school for the education of the children of Walkerville “according to the principles of the Church of England”.

St Andrew’s School was opened on Monday 23 September 1850, on the Rector’s birthday, and from this day forward has continued to provide quality education to the children of Walkerville and the wider Adelaide community.

The original Schoolroom was designed by Architect William Weir and constructed by builders Jones & Bowley. It was small, measuring just 6 x 12 metres, built of stone with a thatched roof and a bellcote. The Schoolroom still stands and has been incorporated into the Gymnasium and Performing Arts Centre, built in 2010.

St Andrew’s Dove Hall was later built in 1915 and created as a memorial to Archdeacon Dove, a remarkable man who was considered to be “the Father of the School” by the St Andrew’s Old Scholars.

Dove Hall was built on George Street and still stands long after the St Andrew’s Kindergarten was demolished in 1998.

St Andrew’s School has long been an iconic part of Adelaide’s community and considered one of the leading primary schools in Adelaide. Throughout it's history, St Andrew's has been uncompromisingly committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, and to the creation of a staff and nurturing family environment.

Ties of tradition and affection have been maintained over the years, with the School and Church continuing to work in close harmony.

Today the School occupies a much larger area of Walkerville, having expanded to both the eastern and western sides of Smith Street, with an overpass safely connecting the two campuses.

St Andrew’s School attracts students from a great cross section of Adelaide. On a global scale, St Andrew’s School has been recognised as an internationally-renowned UNESCO School teaching the International Baccalaureate Curriculum.