St Andrew's School Leadership Team

St Andrew's School Teaching Staff

Reception Teaching Staff
Year 1 Teaching Staff
Year 2 Teaching Staff
Year 3 Teaching Staff
Year 4 Teaching Staff
Year 5 Teaching Staff
Year 6 Teaching Staff
Physical Education
Visual Arts
Learning Support


  • Alicia Flowers, Assistant Director of Early Learning
  • Alison Murphy, Teacher, Karrambi Room
  • Amanda Wilson, Teacher, Mantiri Room
  • Anna Davies, Teacher, Rosemary Room
  • Athina Tsipra, Teacher, Mantiri Room
  • Caitlin Williams, Teacher, Lavender Room
  • Chloe Skoss, Teacher, Tarragon Room
  • Karen Bailey, Co-Educator
  • Kate Kirby, ELC Administration
  • Liana Baldasso, Teacher, Tarragon Room
  • Marilyn Luis, Teacher, Rosemary Room
  • Nat Giorgio, Teacher, Rosemary Room
  • Tracy Farnworth, Teacher, Karrambi Room
  • Vicky Tseregounes, Co-Educator
  • Yvonne Massacci, Teacher, Lavender Room

Reception Teaching Staff

  • Emma Wotherspoon, Teacher
  • Georgia Cook, Teacher
  • Rita O'Leary, Teacher
  • Kelly Dennis, Teacher
  • Jess Liddle, Teacher
  • Michelle Bode, Teacher
  • Melissa Biglands, Mid-Year Reception Teacher
  • Sarah Lawson-Kent, Mid-Year Reception Teacher
  • Kimberly Brookes, Mid-Year Reception Teacher

Year 1 Teaching Staff

  • Madeline Thompson, Teacher
  • Lisa South, Teacher
  • Stephanie Palmese, Teacher

Year 2 Teaching Staff

Welcome to the Year 2 Team! Our Year 2 teachers are Linda Englebrecht, Stasia Vigor and Thea Simpson and our Teacher Assistant is Grace Stafanato.

Between us we have over 50 years of experience working with children either in an education or childcare setting.

We have a shared passion for inquiry-based learning and cultivating curiosity and student agency within our learning environments. We have a passion for reading, art and exercise and we are extremely family focused.

Year 3 Teaching Staff

  • Anthea Khutagt, Teacher
  • Paul Huebl, Teacher
  • Denise Hendry, Teacher
  • Victoria Slater, Teacher

Year 4 Teaching Staff

Our Year 4 teachers are Mary-Anne Muhl and Nicole Zacher. Together we have over 20 years teaching experience in eight schools, and in five countries around the world.

We have a passion for developing children's critical thinking skills and encouraging their curiosity as learners. As teachers we see our role as facilitating and supporting a child's learning journey.

We both enjoy exploring new places, eating delicious food and staying active in the outdoors.

Year 5 Teaching Staff

  • Daniel Hannigan, Teacher
  • Jill Ponting, Teacher
  • Liz Schembri, Teacher

Year 6 Teaching Staff

  • Carla Moffat, Teacher
  • Cerys Phillips, Teacher


  • Chris Boden, Coordinator of Creative Design and Scientific Thinking
  • Carly Schwerdt, Creative Design Assistant

Physical Education

  • Theo Melons, Director of PE & Sport
  • Darren Moss, PE & Special Events Co-ordinator

Visual Arts

  • Catherine Puckridge, Junior Primary Art Teacher
  • Fiona Brady, Upper Primary Art Teacher


  • Yu Qin, Chinese Teacher
  • Jack Yang, Chinese Teacher
  • Jade Peartree, EALD Teacher


Tracey Billington, Teacher Librarian

Tracey McFarlane, Library Assistant

Learning Support

  • Nicole Joanni, Coordinator of Inclusive Education and School Support
  • Jocelyn Keegan, Learning Support Teacher - Year 1
  • Martin Seacome, Learning Support Teacher
  • Amelia Northcott, Learning Support Assistant - Year 4
  • Amy Jasiunas, Learning Support Assistant - Reception
  • Gabrielle Burtt, Learning Support Assistant - Reception
  • Grace Stefanato, Learning Support Assistant - Year 2
  • Lianna Falco, Learning Support Assistant - Year 1
  • Lisa Aloisi, Learning Support Assistant - Year 3
  • Lorena Mortimer, Learning Support Assistant - Year 6
  • Sarah Tamblyn, Learning Support Assistant - Year 5


  • Anna Coppens, Director of Music
  • Veronica Ryan, Co-ordinator of Strings
  • Danielle Lyons, Classroom Music Teacher
  • Aidan Foyel, Music Tutor
  • Alana Dawes, Music Tutor
  • Andras Tuske, Music Tutor
  • Andrew Chan, Music Tutor
  • Ann Vanlint, Music Tutor
  • Benn Blake, Music Tutor
  • Don Whiffen, Music Tutor
  • Gray Vernon, Music Tutor
  • Hamish Netting, Music Tutor
  • Heather Lander, Music Tutor
  • Jyoti Singh, Music Tutor
  • Kai Wang, Music Tutor
  • Linda Pirie, Music Tutor
  • Louis Cann, Music Tutor
  • Paris Williams, Music Tutor
  • Sharyn Iadanza, Music Tutor
  • Sock Siang Thia, Music Tutor
  • Thea Martin, Music Tutor
  • Tzaneto Nikolakopoulos, Music Tutor
  • Wayne Hancock, Music Tutor


  • Donna Longden, Director of Wellbeing
  • Rebecca Vincent, School Counsellor
  • Lizzie Mazur, Student Counsellor
  • Rev Rachel Chapman, School Chaplain
  • Pepper and Panda, Therapy Dogs

St Andrew's Non-Teaching Staff

Marketing & Community Engagement


  • Jo Sanders, Executive Assistant to the Principal
  • Hannah Pickett, Administration Support Officer
  • Annalie Morgan, Co-curricular and Specialist Support Officer
  • Inge van Rens, Reception and Administration Assistant
  • Mary Trimble, Reception / School Archivist


  • Amanda Patterson, HR Manager


  • Martin Stacey, ICT Manager
  • Lisa Obbiettivo, ICT Assistant


  • Bronwyn Greaves, Accounts Receivable Officer
  • Tiffany Pycroft, Payroll & Accounts Payable Officer


  • Michael Sloan, Director of Facilities
  • Dimitri Douventzidis, Handyman
  • Ross Hyndman, Handyman
  • Tim Worden, Goundsman


  • Marie Drewett, Manager Catering
  • Emma Gilbert, Catering Assistant
  • Kellie Dalby, Catering Assistant
  • Natalie Trethowen, Catering Assistant
  • Rachel Coussiounelos, Catering Assistant
  • Vennessa Fieldhouse, Catering Assistant

Marketing & Community Engagement

  • Sophia Saracino, Marketing & Community Engagement Manager
  • Suzette Black, Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Miles Hudson, Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Mary Trimble, School Archivist / Reception
  • Cathy Zhou, Community Engagement Officer


  • Helen Charles, Enrolments Manager (Mon, Tues, Wed AM)
  • Brooke Blackburn (Wed PM, Thu, Fri)