St Andrew's School Leadership Team

St Andrew's School Teaching Staff

Reception Teaching Staff
Year 1 Teaching Staff
Year 2 Teaching Staff
Year 3 Teaching Staff
Year 4 Teaching Staff
Year 5 Teaching Staff
Year 6 Teaching Staff
Physical Education
Visual Arts
Learning Support
PYP Coordinator


Mrs Alicia Flowers – Assistant Director of Early Learning
Ms Alison Murphy – ELC Educational Leader
Mrs Kate Kirby - ELC Administration

Karrambi Room
Ms Alison Murphy (M-Th)
Mrs Tracy Farnworth (Tu-F)
Miss Vicky Tseregounes (M, F)

Mantiri Room
Mrs Amanda Wilson
Mrs Athina Tspira

Tarragon Room
Miss Caitlin Williams
Mrs Michelle Maio (M-W)
Mrs Liana Romeo (Th, F)

Rosemary Room
Mrs Marilyn Luis
Mrs Anna Davies (T-Th)
Ms Ellen Kremer (M, F)

Lavender Room
Mrs Yvonne Massacci
Miss Natalie Giorgio (W-F)
Mrs Karina Thomson (M, T)

OSHC and Smith Street Co-Educators
Miss Despina Nimpis
Miss Natalie Giorgio
Mrs Liana Romeo

OSHC and Habich Co-Educators
Miss Vicky Tseregounes
Mrs Karen Bailey
Ms Winnie Yang

Reception Teaching Staff

  • Ms Georgia Cook
  • Ms Rita O'Leary
  • Mrs Kelly Dennis
  • Mrs Melissa Biglands
  • Mrs Sarah Lawson-Kent
  • Ms Kimberly Brooks

Year 1 Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Madeline Thompson
  • Ms Nicola Kavaleros
  • Mrs Lisa South
  • Mrs Sarah Tamblyn
  • Ms Georgia Cook

Year 2 Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Linda Engelbrecht
  • Ms Morgan May
  • Mrs Michelle Bode
  • Mrs Kathryn Howie

Year 3 Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Jamie Obst
  • Mrs Anthea Khutagt
  • Ms Victoria Slater
  • Mr Josiah Whittaker

Year 4 Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Stasia Vigor
  • Ms Nicole Zacher
  • Mrs Kayla O'Brien

Year 5 Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Jill Ponting
  • Mr Daniel Hannigan

Year 6 Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Heather Wood
  • Mrs Cerys Phillips
  • Mr Jack Yang


  • Chris Boden, Coordinator of Creative Design and Scientific Thinking
  • Carly Schwerdt, Creative Design Assistant

Physical Education

  • Theo Mylonas, Director of PE & Sport
  • Darren Moss, PE & Special Events Co-ordinator

Visual Arts

  • Catherine Puckridge, Junior Primary Art Teacher
  • Fiona Brady, Upper Primary Art Teacher


  • Yu Qin, Chinese Teacher
  • Jack Yang, Chinese Teacher


  • Tracey Billington, Teacher Librarian
  • Tracey McFarlane, Library Assistant

Learning Support

  • Nicole Joanni, Coordinator of Inclusive Education and School Support
  • Reception: Gabrielle Burtt, Amelia Northcott
  • Year 1: Jocelyn Keegan, Liana Falco
  • Year 2: Grace Stefanato
  • Year 3: Lisa Aloisi
  • Year 4: Effie Stamatopoulos
  • Year 5: Effie Stamatopoulos
  • Year 6: Sarah Whittle
  • EALD (R-3): Jade Peartree
  • Literacy (Years 1-3): Martin Seacome


  • Anna Coppens, Director of Music
  • Veronica Ryan, Co-ordinator of Strings
  • Danielle Lyons, Classroom Music Teacher
  • Aidan Foyel, Music Tutor
  • Alana Dawes, Music Tutor
  • Andras Tuske, Music Tutor
  • Andrew Chan, Music Tutor
  • Ann Vanlint, Music Tutor
  • Benn Blake, Music Tutor
  • Don Whiffen, Music Tutor
  • Gray Vernon, Music Tutor
  • Hamish Netting, Music Tutor
  • Heather Lander, Music Tutor
  • Jyoti Singh, Music Tutor
  • Kai Wang, Music Tutor
  • Linda Pirie, Music Tutor
  • Louis Cann, Music Tutor
  • Paris Williams, Music Tutor
  • Sharyn Iadanza, Music Tutor
  • Sock Siang Thia, Music Tutor
  • Thea Martin, Music Tutor
  • Tzaneto Nikolakopoulos, Music Tutor
  • Wayne Hancock, Music Tutor


  • Donna Longden, Director of Wellbeing
  • Lizzie Mazur, Student Counsellor
  • Rev Rachel Chapman, School Chaplain
  • Pepper and Panda, Therapy Dogs

PYP Coordinator

  • Ms Mary-Anne Muhl

St Andrew's Non-Teaching Staff

Marketing & Community Engagement


  • Jo Sanders, Executive Assistant to the Principal
  • Hannah Pickett, Administration Support Officer
  • Annalie Morgan, Co-curricular and Specialist Support Officer
  • Inge van Rens, Reception and Administration Assistant
  • Mary Trimble, Reception / School Archivist


  • Amanda Patterson, HR Manager
  • Danielle Parker, Risk and Compliance Officer


  • Martin Stacey, ICT Manager
  • Lisa Obbiettivo, ICT Assistant


  • Bronwyn Greaves, Accounts Receivable Officer
  • Tiffany Pycroft, Payroll & Accounts Payable Officer


  • Michael Sloan, Director of Facilities
  • Dimitri Douventzidis, Handyman
  • Ross Hyndman, Handyman
  • Tim Worden, Goundsman


  • Marie Drewett, Manager Catering
  • Emma Gilbert, Catering Assistant
  • Kellie Dalby, Catering Assistant
  • Natalie Trethowen, Catering Assistant
  • Rachel Coussiounelos, Catering Assistant
  • Vennessa Fieldhouse, Catering Assistant

Marketing & Community Engagement

  • Sophia Saracino, Marketing & Community Engagement Manager
  • Suzette Black, Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Brianna Fischer, Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Mary Trimble, School Archivist / Reception
  • Cathy Zhou, Community Engagement Officer


  • Helen Charles, Enrolments Manager (Mon, Tues, Wed AM)
  • Brooke Blackburn (Wed PM, Thu, Fri)