Donna Longden
Director of Wellbeing

Donna is the Director of Wellbeing at St Andrew’s School. She is passionate about empowering young people in the areas of self-regulation, respect, tolerance, and empathy so young people can excel in their own personal goals of excellence.

Donna’s journey has taken her through the fields of health, education, and the social sciences, where she holds a Bachelor of Nursing and Certificate in Midwifery, a Graduate Diplomate in Education and a Master’s Degree in Social Science (Counselling). Her passion as the Director of Wellbeing at St Andrew’s is to integrate her knowledge of counselling, holistic health and education into the professional work setting and to empower both staff and students to reach their own unique potential with a global outlook.

A main initiative of Donna’s, since joining our School, is the Circle of Friendship, which represents a caring group of our community who are willing to help School families as needs arise.