St Andrew’s School offers early years and primary education for families seeking an exceptional independent, co-educational school with Anglican values.


St Andrew’s School is Australia’s leading specialist early years and primary school, inspiring children to be collaborators and innovators, making meaningful contributions to their diverse communities.


To continue the rich tradition of excellence in independent specialist early years and primary education that prepares children for success in life.


Integrity- Numa Wapinthi

We expect community members will act honestly and build trust.
We seek mutual accountability and collaboration where people are encouraged to openly express different points of view.
We are principled in our actions and expect fairness and justice for all.

Creativity - Kurlana Yailtya

We demonstrate a passion for teaching and learning.
We dare to take measured risks and embrace change for the future.
We have an appetite for discovery and are willing to explore ideas and possibilities.

Belonging - Wartapurru

We show compassion, caring and empathy and are supportive in relationships.
We are inclusive and collaborative.
We value the individual learner – tailoring to suit individual needs.
We are internationally minded – being globally aware.

Celebrating Success - Mukamukarrinthi

We honour and celebrate our rich history by recognising success and achievement.
We actively acknowledge and appreciate the things that are meaningful in our School’s life.
We expect and deliver the highest quality outcomes.