School Captains

Rose Ward

"Being a leader means putting others before yourself, and setting an example for younger children and everyone in general."

Darsh Singh

"Leadership is about gathering people and bringing them together."

House Captains


Mila Fassina

"Leadership to me is caring and listening to others. It is also setting a good example to everyone."

Valentina Demourtzidis

"Leadership means caring and looking out for people."


William Gibson

"I think that leadership is leading others to do the right thing."

Zara Ng

"Being a leader has made me confident and feel a sense of pride in myself."


Ahran Kwatra

"Leadership means to show the right way with the ones in our life."

Andrej Ugrica

"Leadership means to show respect to others to become a good leader."


Oliver Durkin

"I think that leadership is to inspire others to do the right thing."

Dayan Govender

"I believe that leadership is defining what is right and what is wrong. It is also showing a good example."

School Prefects

Alex Adol

"Being a leader means always being there for other people especially in tough times."

Anya Chawla

"Leadership means that you have more power with your role. But with power, comes responsibility and a good leader should be responsible."

Alexander Smith

"To me, leadership is seeing an iceberg, but letting your crew steer the right way."

Giuseppe Fuda

"To me, leadership means that I have to lead by example."

Oliver Matthews

"Leadership is about standing up and leading the masses. Real change comes from a leader."

Annabelle Tan

"A leader leads to serve. This mean motivating and supporting others to find solutions to problems and helping them learn instead of telling them the answer straight away."