Old Scholars' Association

About the Old Scholars' Association

About the Old Scholars' Association

The St Andrew's Old Scholars' Association has been active in the St Andrew's School community since its inception on 28 September 1913. For over 100 years the Association has played an important role in connecting the past, present and future alumni of St Andrew's School

All students who enrol at the School automatically become a member of the Old Scholars' Association, and from the time they graduate at the end of year 6, are encouraged to remain in touch with old friends, families, and teachers through an ongoing program of reunions and events.

The Old Scholars' Association also plays an important role in helping St Andrew's raise funds for equipment needed by the students and contributes to major capital projects, most recently a significant donation towards the construction of the new Tarrkarri building on the Eastern Campus.

Old Scholars’ Association Committee

Old Scholars’ Association Committee

The Old Scholars' Association is run by a Committee elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee comprises Old Scholars from different school years and decades; many are also current parents at St Andrew's.

The Committee's role is to set the annual program of events and determine fundraising projects to contribute towards the School projects.

Current Committee members include:

Michael Herbert (President)
Karen Rogers (Vice President)
Tim Welburn (Secretary)
Sarah Parsons
Marko Draca
Catherine Heylen
Josiah Lindqvist

Upcoming meeting dates are as follows:

Term 2

  • Week 4: Tuesday 16 May, 2023 6.15pm
  • Week 8: Tuesday 13 June, 2023 6.15pm

Term 3

  • Week 4: Tuesday 15 August, 2023 6.15pm
  • Week 8: Tuesday 12 September, 2023, 6.15pm

Term 4

  • Week 4: Tuesday 7 November, 2023 6.15pm
  • EOY event TBC
Calendar of Events and Reunions 2023

Calendar of Events and Reunions 2023


Get in Touch

For further information about the St Andrew's School Old Scholars' Association, please contact

Suzette Black, Community Engagement Coordinator, at

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