Adapting Education to New Technology

Photo: The Advertiser, Keryn Stevens

The education sector is one that is constantly evolving, with new technologies and approaches being developed all the time. To ensure our students are able to build bright futures, it's crucial that we're able to adapt and embrace these new technologies, while maintaining traditional learning methods.

Our success in merging contemporary learning with the basics of literacy and numeracy has been reflected in the School's NAPLAN results for 2022, where we achieved the fourth highest Year 5 average in the state.

Along with utilising our experienced staff's strengths, St Andrew's offers the junior International Baccalaureatte program, which is a key feature of our educational offering. The program provides a framework for students to explore and develop skills, while ensuring these skills contribute now and in the future.

Principal, Luke Ritchie, has embarked on a recruitment drive to ensure that the School has the right people in place to continue our growth and development. This includes a new Deputy Principal who is an expert in data-based education, a new Head of Personalised Learning, a new Business Director, and a new Risk and Compliance Director. This significant investment in people will help to ensure that St Andrew's is able to continue to provide a high-quality education to our students.