22 Too


22 Too Pty Ltd was established in 2018 by Glenda Green and Janet Hayes after after working together at an independent Adelaide school.

Both Glenda and Janet come from a wealth of experience, Glenda has 22 years of building and delivering activity programs for children from the Early Years to University and Janet has a professional background in accounting with skills in software.

22 Too creates a supportive and nurturing environment in which each child is encouraged to explore and develop at their own pace. The program is based around key stages of child development and places a strong emphasis on building a community between children, parents and instructors. 22 Too is affiliated with gymnastics Australia and is taught by fully accredited instructors.

Programs offered by 22 Too include Gymnastics, Acro, Circus Skills and Parkour and are suitable for children aged from 2 to 12 years of age. Please see below for more information about specific programs.


KinderGym ages 1- 5 years

$20 per session

Introduction to the world of gymnastics in a supportive and fun environment, learning fine and gross motor skills, including hand-eye coordination and where creatively exploring skills to increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

Circus Skills ages 2 to under 5 years

$20 per session

Introduction to circus skills, Circus Play (under 3’s) is learning to balance with physical and motor development with social interaction. Circus Giggles (under 5's) is designed to inspire the imagination with touch, sound and movement.

Acro ages 3 – 12 years

$20 per session

The program is structured to grow the basic skills of gymnastics and acrobatics and coordination including handstand and tumbling, developing their strength and stability using fun motivational games to build confidence.

Junior Parkour ages 2 – 12 years

$20 per session

A fun obstacle course using both mind and body to run, climb and jump. Designed for all levels of ability, like Ninja Warrior.

Gymnastics ages 5 – 12

$20 per session

Beginner’s Gym (over 5’s) program is the next level in gymnastics from KinderGym, in a fun and challenging manner while helping them to develop gross motor skills and coordination, including handstands, cartwheels and balancing.

Animal Yoga ages 2 – 3 years

$16 per session

This program is an introduction to yoga using animal poses, enhancing flexibly, concentration and refining balance.

Please note all classes are one hour in duration.

How to Book

To book a spot, via our online portal.

Please remember to wear comfortable clothing and bring drink bottle to each session.

Discounts available if you enrol more than one child in a class or if you enrol your child in more than one class. Please click here for more details.