Year 6 Curriculum

Year 6 at St Andrew’s School follows an inquiry pedagogy that builds upon the IB PYP Programme children have engaged in from ELC to Year 5.

Teachers in Year 6 continue to use the IB philosophy of 'educating the whole child' using the IB Learner Profile and following the Australian Curriculum which is enhanced by an exciting Leadership Program that acknowledges the needs of early adolescents.

The Year 6 curriculum is more disciplinary in nature, providing a hybrid primary/middle school environment to help prepare students for the next phase of their education. The subject groups listed below provided a broad and balanced curriculum that continues to further develop creative, critical, and reflective thinking in our students - key indicators of future success.

The subject groups taught in Year 6 are:

As well as providing a rigorous, challenging and engaging academic curriculum, we believe it is important to develop the 'whole' person with a strong emphasis on personal understanding, the emerging sense of self and the importance of belonging to and serving a community. This philosophy underpins the Year 6 Leadership Program where we encourage our students to use their initiative and take action. This can be seen every single day with students actively contributing to the School community through running events, working alongside community members, and making a difference.

At St Andrew's School we also believe it is important to foster communication and collaboration skills build intercultural understanding and develop engagement - essential qualities for young people who are becoming global citizens.

Highlights of the Year 6 Program

Leadership: Students learn more about themselves using the instrument Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children (MMTIC) and students may choose to take part in the Student Leadership Process or the formal Year 6 Student Leadership Positions

Leadership Events: Such as fundraising for local, national and, global communities

Leadership Program:

  • Challenge Week including Team Building, SkyChallenge and Aquatics Camp
  • Year 6 Leadership Action Groups
  • Bike Hike
  • Leading the House Carnival for Year 3 – 6 students
  • Canberra Study Tour

Graduation Social

Valedictory Service

Personal Project: A significant student-directed inquiry produced over an extended period (Term 2 and Term 3). There is a particular emphasis on the development of research skills, self-management skills, thinking skills and, communication and social skills.

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You may also wish to read more about our ELC and Reception to Year 5 curriculum.

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