Pastoral Care

Providing the highest standard of pastoral care, offering students emotional and social student support, and promoting wellbeing amongst the whole School community drives all that we do at St Andrew’s School.

All St Andrew’s School staff members adopt a proactive approach to encourage and educate our students and the wider School community, promoting positive attitudes towards themselves and others.

The focus on pastoral care is supported by a Director of Wellbeing, School Counsellors, as well as regular input from the School Chaplain and a strong relationship between the School and St Andrew’s Church.

This is achieved through a series of programs and workshops such as The Circle of Friendship, You Can Do It, What’s the Buzz? and Focus Groups.

St Andrew’s also has a Wellbeing Room - an alternative play space at lunch time where the children are able to engage in positive social activities in a quieter, diverse and imaginative manner.

We are committed to a holistic approach to wellbeing and St Andrew’s has both Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy on site to assist with our multi-model approach to holistic care of the child.

School Chaplain

St Andrew’s School was established in 1850 by St Andrew’s Church in order to provide an education for the children of Walkerville.

The connection between the School and the Church have remained strong throughout the years. Teaching the principles of the Anglican faith has been strongly maintained to provide a nurturing, supportive and spiritual environment.

Our School Chaplain offers social, emotional and spiritual support, guidance and mentorship.

Church services and worship are regular features for the children of St Andrew’s School. Those students who actively seek to explore their developing spiritual paths are provided the opportunity to do so through a number of Chaplain led courses and programs focusing on Baptism and Communion.

St Andrew’s Circle of Friendship

The St Andrew’s School Circle of Friendship, is an initiative coordinated by our Director of Wellbeing, Donna Longden, and has been supporting our families for many years. The Circle is a care group from our School community who have volunteered to help School families, or individuals, when the need arises.

St Andrew’s established the Circle of Friendship to reach out and lend a hand during unforeseen circumstances – recently the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although our usual ways of reaching out - such as cooking meals, helping with laundry - cannot be offered under our current COVID circumstances, we have been mobilising our Virtual’ Circle of Friendship via our social media and other online channels to provide a vehicle for social connection and belonging for the St Andrew’s School community.

Soup Kitchen

St Andrew’s pastoral care extends beyond the School community with students helping to support food supplies to Adelaide’s homeless.

This year, Year 6 students have helped to make much-needed soup for the Mary Magdalene Centre run by Anglicare, which provides emergency assistance and hot meals to those in need.