School Holiday Camps (Year 3 to Year 6)

An exciting new addition to the St Andrew's School experience is the School Holiday Camp program, which launched in 2021 and is exclusive to current students at the School.

This unique program turns traditional 'vacation care' on its head, providing children in years 3 to 6 with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a week-long series of action-packed educational experiences and adventures, offering something for everyone.
(Children in ELC to Year 2 can access the St Andrew's Vacation Care program.)

Information regarding how to enrol in a School Holiday Camp, camp dates and pricing, is sent to families each term.

Examples of past School Holiday Camps have included Space Camp and Camp Creative - you can read more about these programs below.

Space Camp

Commanders Boden and Hannigan led the charge, creating a jam-packed week of space-themed activities for our budding astronauts, including scuba diving (simulating walking in zero gravity), building moon rovers and rockets, a visit to the Space Discovery Centre, and serving up astronaut food. The children not only had a fantastic time but learnt so much about the intriguing world of outer space.

Here are some fun facts the children learnt throughout the week:

"That often astronauts train in scuba diving pools for hours."
- Christiana
"That space is only 100km up, and that’s less than what people commute to work each day."
- Rose
"Astronauts eat dehydrated food."
- Sean

Camp Creative

Students were encouraged to join the St Andrew’s Atelier and get their creative juices flowing during Camp Creative.

Led by the School’s very own artists and art teachers, they were joined by guest artist Wendy Dixon-Whiley. Our ‘artists in residence’ designed a creative kids’ dream which explored a smorgasbord of artistic styles, including: an introduction to street art, designing (and taking home) a skate deck, a guided tour of the Art Gallery of South Australia, painting a portrait on canvas and a visit to the Walkerville Art Show.

Here are some of the highlights of their experience:

"Making skateboards because I learnt lots of technique from Wendy."
- Ophelia
"Going to the Art Gallery because looking at fascinating art is very special to me because I usually look at my own art."
- Luke
"Doing the portraits because I thought I was bad at it, but I learnt things that made me better at it."
- Avni

Safari Camp

Students went wild at the inaugural Safari Camp, which took place during the October school holidays. Led by teacher 'Safari Guides' Chris Bowen and Daniel Hannigan, students explored the land and sea by snorkel, kayak and foot.

From catching critters in the river, to snorkelling in the reef, kayaking with dolphins, and a night at Monaro, children had the opportunity to experience a different 'Safari' each day, whilst enjoying time with their friends over the school holidays.

Here's what they enjoyed the most about this action-packed, outdoor camp:

"It was very science-related and extremely fun… I would definitely recommend it to people who are interested in science."
- Shubhan
"I loved camping at monarto in the open space and being able to explore. Sleeping in a tent was so much fun."
- Eli
“It was so much fun and I absolutely enjoyed every second of it! I’m coming back again next year.”
- Alexandra