Physical Education (PE)

At St Andrew's students engage with a curriculum that is contemporary, relevant, challenging and physically active. In addition to the weekly PE classes, students also engage in specialised PE events to challenge themselves.

Cross Country Run

The Cross Country Run provides opportunities for students in Years 3 to 6 to compete over a 1600m course located along the River Torrens Linear Park. The course is run in gender/age groups.

Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival (Years 3 to 6) is held at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. Supporters are welcome – no entrance fee. Children may wear house coloured t-shirts. The St Andrew's Swimming Carnival is the culmination of a focused week of swimming lessons for Years 3 - Year 5, ensuring that students are provided the opportunity to develop their skills prior to the carnival.

Year 3 to Year 6 Sports Day Finale

Students in Years 3 to 6 participate in an athletics based year level Sports Day traditionally held in Term 1, being track and field events in a tabloid style until lunch. A Sports Day Finale is held towards the end of term which includes Team House events, all track finals for students who placed in their respective year level Sports Days and field event finals in Discus, Shot Put, Vortex, Long Jump and High Jump. Children may wear house coloured t-shirts.

Reception to Year 2 Sports Day

Students from Reception to Year 2 participate in tabloid style sports day in Term 4. The children take part in a variety of different throwing, kicking, running, and jumping activities showcasing their skills they have developed during PE classes.

Outdoor Education

Challenge and adventure activities, including the St Andrew's camps and study tour experiences, begin in Year 2 with an overnight camp held on the School Oval. In Year 3 students attend an overnight camp at Nunyara, Belair; in Year 4 students undertake a two night camp at Woodhouse; in Year 5 students attend a two night camp at Mylor; and in Year 6 students participate in a two night aquatics camp, and a four night interstate study tour to Canberra. All these experiences provide opportunities designed to challenge students physically, behaviourally, and socially in different contexts and environments.