From the Early Years

Did you know that our ELC team is made up of 20 diverse educators with a range of skills and experiences in Early Childhood? Our ability to work together cohesively is essential in providing an optimal playful learning environment for children.

In reflecting on our ELC philosophy, over recent weeks we have taken a deep dive into our personal values and how these influence our practice in the ELC. Whilst we are all very different in our cultural and family backgrounds and in years of experience – we seem to agree on what is most important: Children, Community, Respect, Integrity, Connection… just to name a few.

"Cohesive relationships between educators are essential as they thoughtfully work together to reflect on their practice and deliver current early childhood pedagogy." - St Andrew's School ELC Philosophy

Watch this space! We look forward to hearing the values that are important to our ELC families so that you, as our community, can also have a voice in shaping our philosophy.

In the meantime, here are some fun facts about our ELC team. Can you guess who they refer to?

  • Two of us were part of the original team when the ELC opened in 2005.
  • Three of us have completed a study tour in Reggio Emilia.
  • Four of us started our journey at St Andrew's ELC as parents.
  • Two of us own/have owned a popular local cafe.
  • Five of us were born overseas - all in different countries!
  • We have had the same chef since we opened in 2005!
  • Three of us have a set of twin boys.
  • One of us wears two hats at the ELC - parent and educator!
  • Two of us were hairdressers in our previous careers.
  • Several of us are self-confessed shopping addicts.
  • Four of us are currently studying Early Childhood.
  • One of us is into adventure sports.
  • Many of us are dog owners and love to share our pics - just ask!
  • One of us has just become a new grandmother.
  • One of us worked in an ice-cream shop for 10 years and is strangely ambidextrous when it comes to scooping ice-cream!
  • We are very multilingual - three of us can speak Greek, two of us can speak Italian, one of us Spanish, one of us Mandarin, and one of us Farsi.
  • One of us is getting married in Santorini next year! Lucky lady!
  • Four of us all went to the same Secondary School (though not at the same time).
  • Between us, we have 28 children!