From the Art Room

Year 1 Art

The Year 1 students have been investigating ‘Family’ and exploring the importance of the family living/lounge room as a welcoming communal space for connection and sharing.

This investigation supports our PYP inquiry into the nature of self, which includes connections to family, friends, communities, and cultures. For this activity, the children created a two-dimensional depiction of their family communing on the family sofa. In addition to communicating the importance of family connection, they explored how to create the illusion of three-dimensions on a two-dimensional surface, and built on their understanding of human proportion.

To take this investigation further, the children are now making 3D representations of their couch using recycled materials, and are creating their family in clay to be seated on these constructions. They’re learning many new skills and having great fun in the process!

Catherine Puckridge
Art Teacher