Kindness Pledges

At the start of Lent, on Ash Wednesday, students in Reception to Year 6 were invited to take a “Kindness Pledge”. We talked about how, during Lent (the 40 days before Easter) we could change our behaviour to make our school, our homes and our communities places filled with kindness. Students thought about what they could promise to do during Lent to make this happen. They wrote their promises on their Kindness Pledge and put them into action.

Some of the kindness pledges were:

Smile to everyone I see
- Henry 1C
Helping Mum and Dad by packing up my toys and feeding my bunnies and making my bed.
- Lucy 1C
Including others indoors and outdoors. Introduce myself to new and shy people.
- Sofia 3OK
I will keep filling people’s buckets up with love and kindness. I will help people when they need it.
- Sophie 3OK
Helping others when they need it. Standing up for others to help this school become even kinder.
- Tara 4V