The St Andrew's School Annual Swimming Carnival took place on Thursday 9 March 2023, at the North Adelaide Aquatics Centre. The competition was held in great spirit, and the Age Champions' titles were fiercely contested, with the margins of victory being very narrow.

Congratulations to all the participants and to Smith House for their strong performance in holding out determined challenges from the other houses to win the House Cup.

A special mention to the Year 6 helpers, who were encouraging and did an outstanding job at keeping the younger children safe.

For the first time ever, diving was not allowed to start races due to the Aquatics Centre health and safety policy.


Diving Championship:

1st Eli Kennison

2nd Bonnie Cabot

3rd Ilan Storer

Age Champions

8 Years Girls: Ivy Billington

8 Years Boys: Isaac Ghan

9 Years Girls: Lucinda Nguyen & Sophie Arnold

9 Years Boys: Ethan Zhang

10 Years Girls: Fiona Liu

10 Years Boys: Hudson Wilkes

11 Years Girls: Eva Flint

11 Years Boys: Ilan Storer

12 Years Girls: Daniela Gareyeva

12 Years Boys: William Rae

House Points:

1st 416 Smith

2nd 377 Lawson

3rd 337 Eggleton

4th 220 Browne

Darren Moss
Carnival Manager