St Andrew's Reconciliation Action Plan
Our RAP! update

At St Andrew’s School, we are committed to our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our RAP is served by a committed group of staff, as well as a group of dedicated students, in the form of our RAP Leadership group. They are our student RAP Ambassadors.

We seek cultural collaboration to inform our RAP and are extremely grateful for the time and generosity of Kaurna Elders in our community.

We welcome any parents to join our RAP Working Group. Please contact Cerys Phillips via email

This term, the staff RAP Working Group have reviewed our RAP, celebrated our achievements from 2022 and made suggestions about how we continue to move forward.

The RAP student group – our Ambassadors – have focussed on the question: How can we use Kaurna language in our School? They have innovative ideas about how Kaurna language can be authentically promoted throughout our spaces, including common phrases posted in relevant spots around the campus

We look forward to the student collaboration with Tjimari Sanderson-Milera early next term for our new mural. St Andrew’s School won a grant from Reconciliation SA at the end of 2022 to enable the painting of the mural. We are very excited to be working again with Tjimari from Kumarninthi Aboriginal Cultural Education. Kumarninthi means ‘Becoming One’ in Kaurna.

RAP Student Leaders

William Rae
Ilan Storer
Ashlee Basnayake
Vrish Geddada
Blake Howes

RAP Letter to Parents 2023

Cerys Phillips
Coordinator of Diversity & Equity/Year 6 Teacher