Mid-Year Reports

It is a requirement for schools to report to the Achievement Standard for each Learning Area of the Australian Curriculum. The Achievement Standards are designed to set clear expectations and criteria for each year level regarding student understanding, knowledge, and skills to ensure consistency of assessment and reporting. The mid-year school report is a progress report of how our students are tracking towards achieving the standard, at the end of the year. Our teachers use information from a range of assessments and data to make these informed judgements.

Our School reports serve to share your child’s development across the range of learning areas and highlight areas of strength, and areas for further support. The mid-year reports are an important checkpoint to ensure teachers assess and report on progress, and plan for the necessary personalised support and learning for a successful Semester 2.

We believe in working in partnership with families and encourage you to please reach out to your teachers should you have any questions regarding the information in the school report.

At St Andrew’s we are committed to fostering an environment that promotes and celebrates both academic and personal growth. We recognise each child is unique and has talents and abilities in different areas of the curriculum and in life. Report writing is a busy time of year for teachers, and I would like to acknowledge the hard work which goes into preparing reports for our families.