Relaxation in the ELC

Our period of relaxation after lunch is an important part of our daily program in the Early Years. In our busy, day-to-day world, we believe that the ability to take time to stop, slow our bodies down and practice mindfulness are critical skills for our young learners. Relaxation gives the children valuable time to reflect on the experiences they have shared each morning and to ‘check in’ with how they are feeling physically and emotionally. Listening to peaceful music or calm stories, or engaging in mindfulness activities, allows the children to ‘recharge’ their energy levels so that they can approach the afternoon feeling refreshed. Our minds are constantly stimulated with the amount of fast paced information continually firing at us. Being able to ‘pause’ amongst this is crucial. This special time also supports children in learning important regulation skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

The children eagerly look forward to using their special pillows and/or blankets from home at relaxation time. Please ensure that you send your child’s bedding to the ELC at the beginning of next term.