Music Notes

Music has been incredibly busy and filled with exciting activities!

One highlight was the Year 2s' fantastic excursion to witness the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra's performance of 'Lights! Camera! Symphony!' The students were thrilled as they watched the orchestra bring to life iconic music from movies like Star Wars and Jurassic Park.

Another memorable event took place when the Year 5s shared their newfound Ukulele skills with their Year 1 peers. They performed lively songs, including the classic 'Hokey Pokey', and then generously allowed their buddies to try playing the ukuleles, even teaching them a few chords!

Meanwhile, the Year 6s delved into the captivating history of classical music, exploring various periods from Medieval times to the Contemporary era. Their diligent research culminated in an impressive Music History Timeline showcased on the expansive walls of our Music Centre.

The Music Department at St Andrew's is continually abuzz.