From the Art Room
Year 2 Art

The Year 2 students have been exploring the theme of Identity and its significance in relation to cultural pride and family history. As a part of their inquiry, they have been examining the works of Kehinde Wiley, an African American artist known for his naturalistic portraits of individuals from his community. These portraits feature intricate details and are set against vibrant backgrounds that incorporate symbolism and meaning. The backgrounds are characterised by their richness and repetitive patterns, reminiscent of opulent wallpaper designs.

During Term 1, the students created their own wallpaper backgrounds, inspired by Wiley's artwork and reflecting their individual cultural backgrounds. In Term 2, they will be developing their observational drawing, painting, and tonal representation skills by creating self-portraits that will be superimposed onto their wallpaper backgrounds. The self-portraits will reflect the unique characteristics and interests of each student, while also building on their understanding of human form and proportion.

Overall, this project provides an engaging and hands-on way for the Year 2 students to explore the theme of identity and develop their artistic skills.