Each year, in Terms 2 and 4, we begin the formal transition process for our oldest students in Smith Street and Habich ELC. Whilst we do have birthdates to guide us in this initial process, there is a lot of other in-depth knowledge about children that our educators take into consideration: social and emotional development, independence and self-help skills, connections with other children, play skills, ability to focus and attend to tasks and group discussions, just to name a few. From there, we look carefully at class placements, seeking a balance of males and females, the ages and abilities of children whilst maintaining friendship connections and established relationships with our educators.

One of the advantages of being part of an ELC community within St Andrew’s School is the ability to support children and families in their connections with the people and the environment within our School. Whilst formal transition visits take place in Terms 2 and 4, we support the children by providing informal experiences throughout their time at ELC…

  • As children enjoy Art, Music, Library and Collaboratory sessions they become familiar with the specialist teachers who will also teach them throughout their schooling.
  • We visit indoor and outdoor learning spaces and give the children time to engage in play with their friends and trusted educators. As you can imagine, one of the most important spaces we locate initially is the bathroom! We explore the piazzas, visit classrooms, meet teachers and reconnect with old friends. It’s always very exciting when children meet up with siblings, cousins or close friends.
  • We take the time to ask children for their observations and discuss the similarities and differences that we might notice, such as toys, furniture, art materials etc.
  • Habich ELC children engage in two special ‘Lunch Order Days’ before their formal visits, where they practise ordering their lunch and share a picnic with their friends in the Reception spaces.

We know that working in partnership with families supports children’s learning outcomes positively. We understand that leaving your children in a new learning and care environment may be overwhelming at times and we value your knowledge of strategies that will support your child. We offer formal and informal opportunities to meet and chat to members of our team such as information evenings for families when children begin at the ELC and Reception, parent teacher exchanges and short conversations at drop off and pick up time.

If you have any questions about our transition processes please take the time to chat with your child’s educators, Alicia Flowers or Cathie Egarr.

Alicia Flowers and Alison Murphy
Assistant Director of Early Learning & ELC Educational Leader