On Monday, we held the Year 3 – Year 6 Sports Day Finale at Walkerville Oval. It was an amazing event, and we were thrilled to see everyone participating enthusiastically. Despite the challenging weather conditions, including some drizzle, the students, staff, and parents showed great spirit and resilience. Due to the mild wet weather, we couldn't complete the High Jump. Presentations will take place on Wednesday 17 May during Week 4 assembly. The big question remains - which House will win?

Regarding the co-curricular sporting programs for our students, the girls will be able to participate in Basketball, Soccer, AFL, and Netball, while the boys have AFL Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Table Tennis to choose from. Most of the teams are at capacity, with vacancies in Modified AFL, we are actively seeking additional players to create a team. As we approach winter, I would like to remind children that wet weather does not necessarily mean a cancellation of training or games. Sport is typically only cancelled during severe thunderstorms, so it is best to assume that games and training sessions will proceed as scheduled.

Listed below is a general guide for all students participating in Term 2 co-curricular sports. It is important that all children compete to the following expectations:

Playing sport in primary school is about enjoying the new learning opportunities that will arise with your friends.

  • Each student will participate to the best of his or her ability.
  • Students must wear the correct uniform for their selected activity.
  • Students must be punctual, attend set trainings and meetings, or notify the correct person if unable to attend.
  • Students are responsible for getting themselves to and from their sporting venues.
  • Students must abide by the following Player Code of Conduct:
  • Accept the umpire’s decision without question or dissent.
  • Accept winning with modesty and losing with grace.
  • Refrain from using inappropriate language (e.g., swearing, abuse, sledging, racist taunts, or other verbal harassment).
  • Refrain from cheating or using unfair tactics, including belittling or provocative behavior designed to upset opponents.
  • Refrain from deliberately using violence against another player.

In summary, the students of St Andrew's are involved in an activity and should enjoy themselves while representing the School, their team, and themselves in a positive manner.

Enjoy the rich opportunities that you will face throughout the term, and remember to “just play, have fun, and enjoy the game.

Theo Mylonas
Director of PE & Sport