Year 3 - 6 Sports Day Finale Recap

The Year 3 - 6 Sports Day Finale, was held in Week 2 of Term 2. Despite the damp ground, the oval was in excellent condition, with perfectly markings and colourful house marquees. Although the High Jump had to be postponed, the Hurdles events were able to proceed thanks to the afternoon sun drying out the oval.

Each year level from 3 to 6 had already participated in their scheduled Year Level Sports Day the previous term, and this year's event was a success thanks to the students' enthusiasm and desire to achieve their personal bests. Throughout the day, the students demonstrated kindness, respect for others, and true spirit of competition, with many of them even assisting staff in officiating events.

The Finale, which included a drum-line march to Walkerville Oval, was orchestrated with the assistance of Mr Andrew Chan and Ms Coppens, and some very talented students. The National Anthem was sung by Year 6 students Emma and Ilan, and selected Year 6s offered an acknowledgement of country to our past, present, and future Kaurna people. The staff and parents participated in a tug-o-rope, which was a huge success, and the Super relay was also enjoyed.

Special thanks were given to Mr Moss and Mrs Morgan for their high level of expertise, support, and official work throughout the Sports Day process. The staff, including maintenance crew and Jordan (sound tech), were also acknowledged. Finally, a thank you to the parents who supported our Sports Day and Finale events.

Overall, the Sports Day Finale was a great success, with the children demonstrating their sporting skills as well as their kindness, care, and respect for others.

New Records
400m – 11 Years Girls – Eva Flint in 1.11.13
800m – 11 Years Girls – Eva Flint in 2.38.13
60m Hurdles – 10 Years Boys – Jamie Yu in 11.16 seconds

Age Champions

8 years Girls Champion - Ivy Billington
8 years Boys Champion - Aurion Xue
9 years Girls Champion - Lucinda Nguyen
9 years Boys Champion - Jason Xiao
10 years Girls Champion - Katherine Xue
10 years Boys Champion - Hudson Wilkes
11 years Girls Champion - Eva Flint
11 years Boys Champion - Jaxon Fahey
12 years Girls Champion - Daniela Gareyeva
12 years Boys Champion - Oliver Kiu

House Competition
1st Smith 1449 pts
2nd Browne 1176 pts
3rd Lawson 1126 pts
3rd Eggleton 1126 pts

Theo Mylonas
PE Sports day Coordinator