Exploring Bronwyn Bancroft

In recognition of National Reconciliation Week, the children from ELC to Year 1 have been exploring the artwork of celebrated First Nations Artist, Bronwyn Bancroft. The children viewed her picture book, ‘Colours of Australia’, studying the way that she uses colour, line and pattern to represent the Australian landscape. They discussed how Bronwyn Bancroft conveys her connection to country. Through her art, she shares her love of nature and her belief in the importance of looking after our shared environment.

Each child created their own artwork in response to Bancroft’s vibrant work. The students mapped out their landscape by drawing a series of undulating or jagged horizontal lines, creating distinct sections. They then selected either a warm or cool palette depending on whether they wanted to create an evening or daytime scene, painting each segment of their landscape with a different warm or cool hue. Once dry, the children used stamps made from foam, pom poms, sponges, vegetables and other domestic items to create exciting patterns within their painting. They were very excited about the printmaking possibilities of everyday objects and created some very dynamic compositions.

The children had lots of fun learning about colour, pattern and printmaking whilst enjoying and being inspired by the beautiful artwork of Bundjalung artist, Bronwyn Bancroft.