From the Deputy Principal - Cathie Egarr

As we approach winter, we are reminded of the additional colds, ailments, and illnesses that may be prevalent. Our staff and students may be absent more often, and we appreciate the support our School community provides by staying home when unwell. We will continue to request families to collect their children when they become unwell while at school, and we thank you for your assistance with this.

This week, I am reminded of the excellence within our school. On Monday, I had the opportunity to host an independent school from the Barossa Valley, supporting them on their early years journey, future mid-year reception planning, and sharing best practice scenarios. On Tuesday, we hosted another independent school, allowing them to visit our ELC and learn from our documentation and pedagogy. Furthermore, on Wednesday, I chaired a curriculum group at AISSA where schools from the independent sector came together to learn from one another, ensuring we remain at the forefront of operational updates and pedagogical thinking.

On Monday, I was also invited to the Year 2 Astronaut Base Exhibition. I was highly impressed by the children's knowledge and teamwork as they shared their models and intricate designs. They confidently and proudly answered questions, demonstrating transdisciplinary skills across various curriculum areas, as well as technical skills acquired in the Collaboratory.

Additionally, our ELC children had the privilege of a visit from a parent named Pete, who recently took the winning children from his high school to Dallas, USA for a robot competition. Pete shared his 'robots' and spoke about coding, programming, and all things related to robots. During the question time, I was amazed by the insightful questions the children asked and the connections they made to their real-life experiences. Every child had an opportunity to 'drive' the robots.

Of significant importance this week was our Reconciliation Week Assembly, which involved the entire school from ELC to Year 6. Once again, I was reminded of the outstanding quality of our Music department and the capabilities of our children to run an Assembly. This time, it was our RAP committee children who hosted the Assembly, ensuring that we all learned, engaged with, and continued to strengthen our connection to Aboriginal cultures and histories. The video showcasing our Reconciliation Wall Mural, led by Cerys Phillips, was beautifully authentic and highlighted our School's embedded approach to teaching and learning about Aboriginal cultures. The choice of songs for the Assembly, including the moving rendition of Paul Kelly's "From Little Things Big Things Grow," left the room of over 400 children and adults in awe. There was complete silence as we were deeply moved by such a performance. Ngaityalya!

As teachers, we left the assembly feeling proud of our children and our colleagues who, together, create such a wonderful environment for learning, growth, entertainment, and being entertained.