From the Deputy Principal - David Hodges

Every experience is a learning opportunity

I came across this quote during the week, and it made me reflect on the multitude of learning opportunities our students encounter each week at our remarkable School, both inside and outside the classroom.

In the past week, I had the privilege of witnessing every year level engage in a diverse range of learning opportunities:

  • Our ELC students explored the world of bugs in the garden.
  • Reception students learned soccer skills from dedicated volunteer Dads.
  • Year 1 students explicitly learned sounds to develop their reading and writing.
  • Year 2 students in the Collab designed and built astronaut base camps.
  • Year 3 students discussed the different strategies they can use to solve long addition problems.
  • Year 4 students learned their songs for the upcoming Musical.
  • Year 5 students prepared for their leaning at Mylor Camp.
  • Year 6 students met with their staff mentors to plan for Personal Projects.

Additionally, students had singing lessons, received tennis coaching, learned Mind Lab games, participated in the Da Vinci decathlon, a small group of students built their understanding of positive relationships in the Wellbeing Hub, a literacy intervention group revised high frequency words, and students in the yard learned about compromise and negotiation… The list went on! And all of this happened in one week!

On Saturday, I was excited to attend our “A Soccer” match at Rostrevor College. Our Year 4-6 boys put on an outstanding display and achieved a resounding victory. After the game I spoke briefly to the boys about what I had observed.

While I could have highlighted Sascha's brilliant hattrick in the first half, Jensen's outstanding defense, Jaxon's incredible goal from the halfway line, Oli and Ilan's inspiring leadership, Jamie's confident goalkeeping, and every player's moments of brilliant play, there was something that impressed me even more.

What truly made me immensely proud of the team was their sportsmanship, teamwork, support for one another, effective communication, perseverance, resilience, and the sheer enjoyment they displayed. Sports provide incredible learning opportunities, and on Saturday, our boys showcased not only their impressive physical skills but also their well-developed personal, social, and emotional abilities.

Every day our School life is buzzing with students learning. I thank our staff and our community for your continued support in nurturing well-rounded individuals who are learning and growing not only academically but also in their physical, social, and emotional growth.