Sports Results

A Soccer

Pulteney v St Andrew's - Saturday 13 May
In our first competitive game of the season, we played against Pulteney. Our team showcased exceptional soccer skills, efficiently maneuvering the ball and maintaining a strong defensive and offensive structure throughout the match. Thanks to outstanding teamwork, we established an impressive 9-0 lead by halftime. By the time the final whistle blew, the score had reached 14-0, and we commend Pulteney for their determination and refusal to give up.

St Andrew's v Prince Alfred College - Saturday 20 May
We faced PAC at Levi Park, and quickly took the lead with an early goal, putting us ahead 1-0. The remainder of the first half saw an evenly contested game, with both teams vying for control. However, we managed to secure a second goal, resulting in a halftime score of 2-0. In the second half, we capitalised on more space and passing options. Our excellent teamwork led to 6 more goals, securing an 8-0 victory.

White Table Tennis

St Ignatius v St Andrew's - Friday 19 May
In a table tennis match between St Ignatius and St Andrew's, Bertram and Celine made their debut appearances. The match proved to be a closely fought battle, resulting in St Ignatius emerging as the victors with a score of 11-9. Notably, Oliver, Ilan, and Ashlee showcased exceptional skills, winning all of their respective games.


St Andrew's v Pulteney - Thursday 25 May
Our Year 5-6 girls' team delivered an exceptional performance in last Thursday evening's netball match. Despite the challenging rainy and windy conditions, they remained determined and secured an impressive victory against Pulteney, with a final score of 23-3.