Baptism and Admission to 1st Communion for Year 3-6 Students

Have you ever thought about having your child baptised? What is baptism you might ask?

Baptism is a special time in a person’s life where they celebrate their new life with Christ. Through baptism we are welcomed into the community of the church and share together in the wonder and mystery of a life with Christ.

During Term 3 students will be given the opportunity to be prepared for baptism. They will be guided to explore and understand the wonderful mystery of baptism and the importance of this special event in becoming a member of the body of Christ.

In addition, Year 3-6 students will be given the opportunity to be instructed in the meaning and practice of Holy Communion. It should be noted that baptism necessarily precedes admission to Holy Communion, and if your child is not already baptised you should first attend to that important step of faith. It must also be pointed out that children are admitted to Holy Communion on the understanding that, at some stage, they will seek confirmation.

The special Baptism and Admission to Holy Communion Service will be held on:

Sunday 24 September at 9.30am at St Andrew’s Church, 43 Church Tce, Walkerville.

I would like to encourage you all to think about baptism and admission to Holy Communion and being part of this significant and special step of faith.

Please contact me if you require any further information.

The Rev’d Rachel Chapman