An unhurried start to the day…

All children (and adults, in fact) appreciate an unhurried start to their day. As a parent myself, I understand the morning pressures at home – working our way through the morning routines sometimes feels like a more difficult task than climbing Mount Everest! However, it is very important for children to develop habits of arriving on time at an early age, beginning from the time they start at ELC.

Arriving at ELC prior to 8:45am has many benefits….

  • Gives children the time they need to say goodbye to family members and feel ready to engage in the playful learning program.
  • Helps your child in building positive rituals, routines and commitment.
  • Allows children to be welcomed into the learning environment in its calm, ‘everything in its place’, prepared state.
  • Creates an opportunity for educators to greet and connect with children, so that they each feel welcomed as part of our learning community. We know that children reach optimal capacity to learn when they feel safe and connected.
  • Allows children a chance play with friends and interact before Morning Meeting or Yarning Circle time.
  • Provides opportunities for educators to engage in one-on-one interactions with children early in the day. 
  • Models the importance of greetings by allowing children time to practise with peers and teachers.
  • Provides an opportunity for all children to participate in Morning Meeting / Yarning Circle so that teachers can share plans for the day and all children know what to expect. 

Arriving on time every day can help students develop the habit of being punctual, illustrates to them your commitment to their learning and friendships, and helps reduce interruptions and distractions for all learners. Please feel very welcome to talk with me, or your child’s teacher if we can assist you with your child’s morning routine to ensure they have a calm start to their ELC day.

Alicia Flowers
Assistant Director of Early Learning