The St Andrew’s Bike Hike

On Friday 22nd September, Year 6 students were joined by some staff and parents for the annual Bike Hike along Linear Park to Henley Beach…and back!

The weather was glorious, and we had a wonderful time!

The hot chips at Henley Square were scrumdidileeyumsctious! -- Ava 6P

We would like to do another one – but 100kms this time! -- Sascha 6P

Avni enjoyed our lovely serenading on the bike ride! -- Evan 6P

It was great having a competition naming football players as we rode along. -- Alex 6P

We could smell the salt as we rode next to the sea. It was beautiful! -- Hiteejot 6P

It was so much fun going to the beach and getting buried in the sand. -- Anthony 6P

I found it challenging at the start but at the end, it was really worth it! -- Georgia B 6P

It was a wonderful experience not only to ride to the beach but having fun at Henley Square. -- Milla 6P

It was great to ride with my dad. -- Cody 6W

The mother ducks looked very protective as we rode by. -- Alessio 6P

I loved going down the big hills but not so much going up! -- Anthony 6P

I really enjoyed the bike hike, although it was very tiring, and I was very nervous that I would not finish it, but I did and I felt really good. -- Nicole 6W

It was so much fun on the big swing together during one of the play stops! -- Ava 6P

I enjoyed the whole thing. It was a great achievement. My parents were really proud of me. -- Cristiano 6P

I managed to do it without using a support vehicle! The chips were yummy! -- Joshua 6P

The bike hike was lots of fun. We saw a seal at Henley Beach and it was waving at us. We also got hot chips for lunch. -- Vrish 6W

After the bike hike our bodies hurt, but we still managed to play soccer after we got back! Overall, it was a great experience. -- Georgia G 6P

No matter what, we didn’t stop! -- Jaxon 6W

Playing on the beach with everyone was fun! -- Aiden 6W

We saw a seal waving at us from the beach! -- Diaz 6W

The bike hike really helped me improve my long-distance riding skills and resilence. -- Stella 6W

I developed my communication skills on the bike hike, by alerting my peers. -- Max 6W