“We need to embrace neurodiversity as a tapestry of brilliance, for within each unique mind lies extraordinary potential waiting to be unleashed…” Michael Carr-Gregg

Neurodiversity in children and adolescents is a concept celebrating the natural variation in how young minds work. It acknowledges that neurological differences, such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and giftedness, are not disabilities but rather unique aspects of human cognition. Embracing neurodiversity fosters acceptance, empathy, and inclusivity in society. Parents play a pivotal role in supporting their neurodiverse child by understanding their specific needs, advocating for appropriate educational accommodations, and seeking professional guidance when necessary. By appreciating and nurturing their child's strengths, parents can help them thrive and unlock their full potential, leading to a more compassionate and understanding future for all.

There is so much to discover under the neurodiversity tab on school TV. Watch short videos to have some of your questions answered, take a poll, look up some fact sheet, or read some research articles! You’ll find all the latest research from some of Australia’s leading experts right here on this link.

Donna Longden
Director of Wellbeing