With so many events and opportunities for students taking place at the moment, it is certainly worthy of sharing. Whether it be for celebrating successes and occasions, or, as information for children to aspire to, or, look forward to in their future years at St Andrew’s School.

In just this week alone, students have participated in and won the Mind Lab Olympics and Accelium. A creative skills and strategy competition where students compete against other students across the state, and then, as a National Competition. Please make sure you read the additional information about this further along in the Bell. Of great joy for me, was being in the foyer on the teams return, with medals, trophies and shields in hand, and such happiness on their faces. Additionally, students were highly commended for their excellent behaviours, attitude, and care towards others. A very proud moment!

Today, we have also taken 8 of our senior students to an Anglican Schools Combined Leadership Day, to share their views and to workshop actions around sustainability. I was so impressed with their ability to work alongside other student leaders from across the state from Year 5 to Year 12. Our student cohort are so capable, and it is in these situations, where they need to show resilience, confidence and flexibility, that they can truly sine.

We also had our first shared session for students participating in the IPSHA Junior Orator competition for 2023. I am very much looking forward to hearing their speeches as they present topics of interest to cater to the intellect and emotion of the audience… good luck all. They are very courageous students who accept these enrichment invitations with pride and joy.

In true Science Week style, lead by Chris Boden, there was joy everywhere in the school. I could even smell( !!)Science Week in one activity! Our ELC and Reception children were also entertained by a special Science Show put on by our Year 6 children and Mr Boden… there was even elephant toothpaste on display and created! Many laughs and giggles!

Finally, what a brilliant evening it was, showcasing our wonderful bands and ensembles at the Bands Cabaret. While we so often ensure children are dressed formally, the ‘black and bling’ attire was a real crowd pleaser. Again, such talented children performing and entertaining their audience, cabaret style.

I look forward to all the events coming up in future weeks and perhaps, I will see you at Kross Café for a coffee on Friday morning!

Cathie Egarr
Deputy Principal