I had the pleasure of attending the Year 6 camp to Canberra in Week 2, and we had an amazing time.

The Canberra Study Tour is a wonderful week of learning for our students, both in terms of the curriculum and the personal and social development that camps provide.

From the Australian Curriculum Learning Areas, we learned about the history and geography of Canberra through visits to the National Library, Parliament House, and War Memorial, explored science and technology at Questacon, and engaged in health and physical education at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Just as important was the experiential learning that took place, including hands-on learning, personal growth, cultural development, and social interaction. Camps provide students with the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and be challenged in meaningful ways.

Our Year 6 students navigated the airport to ensure we boarded on time, organised their dorms and belongings to ensure they were prepared for each day of learning, collaborated and problem-solved throughout the week with their peers, and developed strong relationships with their teachers and peers during their week away.

Above all, we had fun and created cherished lifelong memories. These experiences become part of our St Andrew's School stories, contributing to a sense of identity and self-discovery for our students.

Camps play a crucial role in the holistic education and development of our students. They offer multifaceted learning opportunities, combining academic, social, and personal growth. Our wonderful students demonstrated positive interactions and explored the world around them.

A huge thank you to our teachers who spent a week away from their own families to ensure a well-organised and fun-packed week of experiences and learning for our students. I look forward to our Year 3 Camp in Week 6!