On Friday 11 August, Week 3, St Andrew’s School competed in the South Australian Mind Lab Olympics competition at Trinity College North. This competition allowed students to put into action the critical thinking skills they develop during the classroom Year 3 to Year 5 Mind Lab program. All participants in the competition demonstrated exceptional levels of persistence, sportsmanship, and compassionate play.

Congratulations to the St Andrew’s School Mind Lab teams for placing first in the Premier Division and 1st Division tournaments. The following students are also to be congratulated for placing in their chosen discipline:

Premier Division – First Place
Checkers – Vrish Geddada 6W (3rd place)
Quoridor – Georgia Gibson 6P (1st place)
Octi – Bella Zhang 5H
Abalone – Genevieve Lim 6P (1st place)

1st Division – First Place
Checkers – Arj Suri 5P (1st place)
Quoridor – Alex Tieu 6P (1st place)
Octi – Bertram Evans (2nd place)
Abalone – Ella Wu (1st place)

Accelium Olympics

Due to COVID-19, Mind Lab World Championships have been replaced with an online version known as Accelium Olympics. Students in Years 4 to Year 6 are given the opportunity to compete in an online version of the Mind Lab Olympics games.

St Andrew’s School would like to congratulate the following students on their placement:

Haru Funahashi 4Z – 1st in the national tournament for Year 3-4.

Daniela Gareyeva 6W – 5th in the national tournament for Year 5-6 and 51st globally.

Vrish Geddada 6W – 8th in the national tournament for Year 5-6 and 57th globally.

The team aspect of the tournament was won by Aitken College in Melbourne, which means in the four years the online tournament has been running, Australian schools have won 3 out of 4 of these competitions. St Andrew's School being the inaugural winner.

Congratulations to all our Mind Lab Olympics and Accelium Olympics competitors. St Andrew’s School players always demonstrate strong strategic plays, integrity and give 100% to all that they do.