Book Week in the Early Years

We have had a wonderful week celebrating Book Week 2022. Our celebrations began towards the end of Week 3 when each ELC class collaborated with their peers to create a unique ‘dreamcatcher’ to represent their room in the library display. Delivering the dream catcher to Mrs Billington was an experience in itself! Exploring the school, walking all the way over the bridge, and greeting out St Andrew’s friends along the way.

The fun continued on Monday when all children were invited bring along their favourite bedtime story and attend ELC in their pyjamas! It was such a cold and rainy day outside, perfect for cosy PJs! Throughout the week, each group has had an opportunity to visit the library to share in stories and participate in a range of exciting ‘dreaming’ activities. However, as well as our dress up day and visits to the library, the ELC children have taken part in literacy experiences every day in the ELC to help celebrate Book Week.

They have read and viewed the shortlisted books using ‘Storybox’, shared their favourite stories from home with each other, taken part in small world ‘story table’ play, made their own stories using story stones and book-making, listened to audiobooks and much, much more!

“Reading stimulates the imagination and broadens understanding of the world. It extends, speech, language and vocabulary and builds an awareness that ideas and feelings can be expressed in print. Shared reading initiates a lifelong love of reading” EYLF made easy.

Alicia Flowers
Assistant Director of Early Learning