Counsellor's Corner

Research shows that the quality of our relationships is one of the greatest predictors of our wellbeing. Student belonging at St Andrew’s School means belonging in healthy friendships with a focus on developing students' social and emotional competence. We are excited to announce that in 2024, St Andrew’s School will be partnering with URSTRONG to establish a whole-school friendship strategy. URSTRONG has worked with over a million students, parents, and teachers over the years.

URSTRONG, underpinned by best research and practice, provides a friendship skills curriculum designed to equip students with the vital skills to manage the ups and downs of friendships. Through a whole school approach, teachers and parents will share a common language to effectively act as friendship coaches for children in their care.

You’ll be invited to access the parent portal next year to view all the resources your children are seeing plus much more. In the meantime, you are welcome to have a look at

Watch this space!

Donna Longden
Director of Wellbeing