How can we use Kaurna language in our School?

We are lucky to have Kaurna language visible around our School. On pavers near our gymnasium, we have inparrinthi, ngunyawayinthi and tampinthi (meet, play and respect).

Our School values have been translated into Kaurna.
numa wapinthi – integrity
kurlana yailtya – creativity
wartapurru – belonging
mukamukarrinthi – celebrating success

We are in the process of consulting with the organisation Kaurna Warra Karpanthi on establishing more Kaurna language around the School. The children are familiar with greetings and an increasing number of words and phrases.

Our main entrance building is Tarrkarri, meaning ‘future’.

As with all languages, it is very important to try to learn the correct pronunciation and to treat the language with respect as we grow in our understanding.

Tarrkarri is pronounced with more emphasis on the first syllable Tarr – karri.

I encourage you to explore the pronunciation of more Kaurna words here.

If you have any questions about our RAP or you would like to be involved, please contact me via email.

Cerys Phillips
Coordinator of Diversity and Equity