Welcome to Term 4!

This term, we warmly welcome 14 new families to the ELC at St Andrew’s School! We have been delighted to get to know Marcellus, Violet, Aksh, Caleb, Daisy, Enzo, Ariana, Taylor, Gabrielle, Noelle, Gaven, Archie, Freya and Julie this week.

As we begin this term enjoying the warmer weather and the outdoor learning opportunities it brings, we make sure to support the children to be organised and to make healthy choices such as drinking water, wearing appropriate clothing and protecting themselves with hats and sunscreen.

Children in all five rooms have been fascinated to observe some silkworms donated by one of our Karrambi families. We look forward to observing their metamorphosis and learning more about silk production.

Already we have started planning for the many celebrations and special events held in Term 4! Most importantly will be our transition program for the children moving from Smith Street to Habich ELC and from Habich ELC to Reception. Ensuring that children maintain their strong sense of identity and belonging to St Andrew’s School is a priority at this time and our dedicated educators facilitate many informal and formal experiences to ensure this is the case. Informal experiences can include visiting different areas of the School, participating in assemblies, eating lunch in the playground, reading a story to a different group of children, ordering lunch, exploring the Reception piazza. Many of these experiences take place year-round so that we know children will be well prepared for their ‘change’ in 2024.

Our ELC educators are carefully considering which catchy Christmas Carols we will share with you at our picnic in Week 8 and our Habich children are voting on which song they would like to sing to celebrate their ELC Learning Journey.

Alicia Flowers
Assistant Director of Early Learning