From The Principal

Dear Families

As we approach the end of the calendar year, with events in full swing and restrictions removed, we are all finding ourselves in school and beyond, full, very full! We relish the opportunities to participate, to accommodate the rescheduling of previously cancelled events and we might also find that we are over committing ourselves and our children. But what do we remove and as parents, what if our children miss out?

As a parent of three children all beyond their school days now, this was often a conversation in our house. Often with a line of, “But everyone else is allowed.” Some things never change. As adults we get tired, and as children, they get more tired. As adults we can usually regulate our emotions and put on that happy, coping facade but for some children, their over scheduled bodies can present in not so happy ways. We aim as a School to support children by having down time in our classrooms, by teaching them ways to relax, breathing techniques to assist in calming our bodies and, that it is ok not to be OK sometimes, and it is ok to just need some space and quiet time. Teachers identify this and adapt their daily routines regularly in a responsive manner to the needs of children. We are also supported as a school community by our Wellbeing Team led by Donna Longden, with Lizzie Mazur, Rebecca Vincent and of course, Peppa and Panda our therapy dogs. We are a caring community that on many occasions support those who need it; with a kind smile, food deliveries, a conversation, transport assistance as well as the formalised support we can offer. I wonder if you know about our Circle of Friendship?

I write about this because in Term 4 we often see little signs of big emotions. This term brings a lot of change for children as families, and at school, we start to talk about and prepare for transitioning, new classes, different teachers, new spaces and sometimes, new schools. We plan our transitioning programs in advance and hope we have addressed everything we can. We look at combinations of children together, best fits for children and teachers and, friendships… we want your children to be happy and be supported by strong, positive friendships. On top of the transitions, we also have many events for children and families to participate in and build our strong community. At all times we want you to know that we are here for you if you need anything to support your children, or, if you think there is information you think we should know to support any child.

Regarding additional events, they can be wonderful. Last Friday we had an enormously successful Junior Primary Sports Day. The weather shone, the children looked fabulous in their House colours for the first time ever for our Reception to Year 2s, and so many parents and friends came out to support their children and our School. A huge thank you to the Parents’ Association for supporting and running the Sausage Sizzle, which I believe required three extra trips to Woolies for more sausages and thank you to the Reception families for donating an enormous supply of sweets and treats for the cake stall. Thank you so much to the volunteer helpers, and especially Bree Alexander, for coordinating this volunteer team. Our community is strong when we all come together.

The Year 5 Exhibition was beyond fantastic. I was absolutely blown away by the range of topics the children inquired into through the badge of Innovation and more so, I listened to our children talk about their chosen topics, or read their research, and felt an incredible sense of joy, and hope for our future. Children are passionate learners; they see the possibilities for improvement in so many areas and they are courageous enough to know that they can make a difference in their chosen fields.

So just a few things I learnt in a short space of time from the Year 5 Exhibition… the reason for using lucky iron fish as part of addressing poor iron levels in third world countries, different perspectives on cloning - both plant and animal, how to use coal and other natural materials to assist in cleaning water for drinking, ways that sustainable transport can help protect the environment, uses of renewable energy, genome sequencing and innovation in health care, and….using 432 Hz frequency when listening to music, so much calmer for us! I wrote about this in a LinkedIn post because I was just so impressed and wanted to share their talents.

Our future is certainly in good hands when education provides opportunity and hope. Congratulations to the Year 5 students and teachers.

Next week

… Luke Ritchie, our 2023 Principal, begins his handover and getting to know our School and community

… Tarrkarri Building Opening – Friday night; if you plan on attending, please RSVP here before Friday 18 November. I hope to see you all there

…. Formal transition visits for our early years’ children

… and all the other year level or area events, concerts and even the Walkerville Christmas Fair.

Wishing you a wonderful fortnight.

Cathie Egarr
Interim Principal