Year 5 PYP Exhibition

‘Innovation allows us to create new possibilities’

On Thursday 10 November, the Year 5 students proudly shared their learning journeys, showcased in the Year 5 Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition. During the evening, the students and family members engaged in animated conversations about the different chosen areas, all connected to the overarching concept of ‘Innovation’.

The overarching Central Idea for this year’s Exhibition was ‘Innovation allows us to create new possibilities.’ The students then created their own Central Ideas to explore, based upon their own areas of interest, such as :-

‘Obsolete devices allow us to recycle resources’
‘New research provides healthier lifestyles’
‘Improvement in design techniques allows us to be more efficient’
‘Improved equipment ensures better outcomes in surgery’

The PYP Exhibition is a significant event in the life of PYP students as it presents an opportunity for them to exhibit the essential elements of the PYP and the attributes of the IB Learner Profile. The students clearly demonstrated how they took responsibility for their learning, and it was wonderful to witness the confidence shown by the students as they answered questions and explained their findings.

Congratulations to the Year 5 students and their teachers, Mrs Jill Ponting, Mr Daniel Hannigan and Mrs Liz Schembri.

Heather Wood
Deputy Principal / PYP Coordinator