From The Principal Week 9 Term 4

My six-month tenure as Interim Principal is coming to an end, with this being my last School Bell article. I have learnt so much and been blessed with a wonderful team around me to ensure that we move forward and look to the bright future for St Andrew’s School.

St Andrew’s continues to be an amazing school. So here is a wrap up of our achievements and activities for Semester 2, 2022;

  • Once again we topped the state in NAPLAN for both Literacy and Numeracy in all areas. Averaging the top school for the past 5 years.
  • Year 6 won the State Championship for Debating
  • We opened our state of the art building, Tarrkarri, where our primary focused STEM program also won awards.
  • All community events came back with great joy; Years 3-6 Sports Day, Reception – Year 2 Sports Day, Assemblies for both our younger years and upper years, Music concerts, Cabarets
  • Parents’ Association hosted events once again; Movie Night, Quiz Night, Food stalls at Sports Days,
  • Old Scholar reunions returned
  • Our Commemorative Garden was installed on the front lawns of Tarrkarri, honouring Kennion House and our School’s rich history
  • Our Wellbeing Hub was completed
  • For the first time, our Reception children joined houses, instead of Year 2
  • ELC Christmas Picnic and Carols took place
  • JP Carols evening returned
  • A new event started, the Year 2 sleepover with a parent… in tents!
  • Out and About Week, for our Year 6’s was a huge success
  • Camps returned with much joy

Plus, plenty more!

In our Speech Night last night, I spoke about many things within my speech, but for those that were not in attendance, the essence was our future. We are so fortunate to have Luke Ritchie commence with us officially in 2023, as the next Principal of St Andrew’s School. His presence has already been felt and he has been warmly welcomed by all staff and community. We all feel a sense of excitement in what lays ahead.

I thanked many people for their continued trust in our School through a challenging period and offered hope and joy in our future, as a leading independent early years and primary focused school. Clearly, we are doing well when we top the state in various areas but mostly, when we see happy children in all areas of the School.

Our Music Program continues to be remarkable. I don’t think there is anywhere else in Australia where such talent exists collectively, in a primary school. Music is a norm, and everyone learns an instrument and is part of a team.. a music team of an ensemble, band choir, quartet and more.

Our Music department shines all year, but it is in the last few weeks of Term 4 where their presence is felt so deeply. Thank you to our Musicians and Music department teachers for the wonderful tuition, support, and love of music you share with all. Even… with our staff band, that must be unique for a school!

To our graduating class of 2022, I wish you well for all your future endeavours. I know you will return to St Andrew’s for one of the many reunions in your life. Your strength of character and what you achieved in a challenging year, is impressive, and you should feel proud of yourselves. You will notice your strength and courage when you move on to high school and see your capabilities shine, but mostly, when you see that you and other St Andrew’s students, are the ones volunteering at events, participating in groups, joining teams and being an active part of your next school community.

I am so proud of our children, staff, and school community for the commitment you have shown to our School. 2022 has provided many opportunities for reflection, celebration and courage. We are a strong community and my joy for 2023 is real.

Finally, thank you all so much for the support I have received in my interim role. I wish you a safe, happy, and blessed Christmas spent with family and friends.

Thank you – Ngaityalya.

Cathie Egarr
Interim Principal